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5 Steps to Raw Food

It is an encouraging fact that ever more people are deciding to feed on mostly or exclusively raw food. Raw foodism has become a new world trend. There are more and more raw food restaurants, books and gurus. Raw food is IN!

Those of you that were ever on raw food know the little hidden traps that sometimes lead back to old ways. Each person has her own way of fighting the traps, depending on lifestyle, previous eating habits and person’s psychological profile. I believe what most people have in common is »previous life« that wants to temp us. In order to enjoy your new way of raw eating even more unencumbered I prepared 6 advices for a successful transition into the raw eating world.

1. Educate and equip yourself with necessary accessories

It is more difficult to sustain on raw food if we depend entirely on others. It is true there are more restaurants by the day offering delicious raw menus, but trust me, it is far more enjoyable if you are self sufficient and able to prepare raw food by yourself. So I suggest you get a few raw food recipes books (excellent books can be found on my page under »I recommend«) or find them on the internet (don’t forget to look up my ones on these pages). For raw food menus you don’t need any special knowledge; however you have to learn a few basic simple tricks to make preparing various meals simpler. It is also important to purchase a few kitchen accessories which will come handy (read more on this topic in my other post).
Last but not least I recommend educating yourself about raw food importance for your body and health and what amazing changes you can expect. I also recommend reading about other people’s experiences about starting and successfully staying on this path. All this will give you more impetus and will to persist!

2. Be aware of cooked food influence

Cooked or in other thermal ways processed food has addictive effects. Most people have great difficulty giving up bread, meat, sweets, salted foods, milk and milk products. Often people decide to eat their favourite food even though they know it harms them and increases their health problems. This type of food is addictive so you reach for it even when common sense, doctors or nutritionists tell you not to. Most people are more or less addicted to cooked food, so it is important to recognize this and start to control and lower this addiction.



3. Avoid temptations

Being addicted to cooked food it is important to avoid temptations especially during transition to raw food. The body sometimes craves the delicious meals it was used on its whole life. I suggest you simply don’t have any food in the kitchen that may lead you to the old ways. Also in the beginning avoid places where the temptation might be too great to pass (pizzerias, fast food joints, visiting friends where you know in advance you will have a hard time avoiding processed food, etc.). Of course I am not suggesting you retreat from your normal life and isolate yourself. Just help yourself to avoid the biggest and most obvious temptations. Trust me it becomes easier with time!

4. Find support of similar thinking people

I am convinced that anybody embarking on the path of raw eating can find support of similar people. There are many interesting forums, blogs and web pages as well as clubs and meetings. You are definitely not alone in eating raw and you can find numerous new friends. You know – the more the easier it goes.

4. Feed your body

Maybe you will find it strange and unbelievable, however it is true – a big percentage of world population is undernourished. At the same time it is true that there is an ever bigger percentage of obese people suffering illnesses connected to obesity. Western man eats too much! Gasping for food he consumes big meals of various highly processed foods. Even so he still doesn’t consume enough nutrients. The food is processed so much that the nutrients are mostly destroyed, so the body is often not fed and you reach for new mouthfuls.
The solution to alleviate this gasping for food and to stop overeating, is to consume as much of high quality food as possible even before the transition to mainly raw food eating. Don’t make fast changes that may lead to distress. Green leafy vegetables prepared as salads and smoothies are highly recommended. Also don’t forget healthy fats, suitable quantity of carbohydrates giving you strength, vitamins, minerals and healthy protein that build the body.

What is your experience with transition to raw food eating?
How did you (or still are) combat possible temptations?

If you would like to share your experience on my web page I will introduce you with great pleasure!.

7 Healthy Life Principles

Changing eating habits puts us on the path to health and well being including a slender body. However this change on its own is not enough if you want to achieve a true long lasting success! Changing eating habits demands the most attention, because it claims the biggest adaptation. However, your efforts should not stop here!

If you want to achieve long lasting results, rejuvenate and enjoy a slender, healthy body, you must adhere to the rest of the healthy life principles:


Sleep is often a necessary evil for an over busy individual, forgoing it in favour of ever bigger daily commitments. Nevertheless, adequate sleeping time is necessary to achieve durable health, get back your good looks and enjoy life with plenty of energy. During sleep the body performs two vital functions: it produces nerve energy and detoxifies. Lack of sleep inevitably leads you down the path of aging, sickness and decay.


Body exercise

Changing eating habits with no exercise is like going up a wonderful mountain; however you will only get half way up. There are numerous beneficial effects body exercise brings, let me mention just a few. Regular body exercise essentially increases the release of toxins, helps the internal organs to function better, strengthens bones and is besides the most reliable way to a wonderfully shaped body. Body exercise strengthens your muscles, makes your body more flexible, your skin gets the tonus back, making you look younger.


Sunbathing has wrongfully got a negative connotation in the last few decades. Excessive and irresponsible sunbathing is of course harmful and can lead to disease. However, the positive impact the sun has on the body is so big, that you should make sun baths a daily ritual. The sun essentially contributes to health, mental well being and good looks. Sunbathe during the hours when exposure to the sun can’t harm you.


Clean water is becoming a scarcity in the countries where industry and modern way of life dominates. Water analysis show ever more worrying results. The industry exploits these results well, selling us bottled water, sometimes more polluted than tap water. Universal advice which water to drink is hard to give and depends on where you live. It is still worth mentioning: pay great attention to drinking quality water as polluted water slowly but surely contributes to a weaker body. Check water analysis for your place of living and do everything possible to increase your drinking water quality. Use filtered water, check potential clean water sources in the vicinity, check your plumbing, check bottled water analysis, etc.


Peaceful emotional life and positive attitude towards yourself and your surroundings

Inner turmoil, frustrations, bad relationships with others and with yourself are a sure way to bad health and faster aging. Take care of your thoughts, become more aware of what is happening to you and heal what needs healing in yourselves. Look positively on life and be grateful for everything that comes your way. Dedicate more time to your dear ones, children, partner, strengthen family ties and nourish relationships with your friends. Don’t forget: Life is for sharing!


Air is something, together with sleep people pay less and less attention to. Most days are spent in closed space, often with many other people, surrounded with materials negatively influencing your well being.  By distancing yourselves from natural living, the awareness of what the term “fresh and clean air” really means gets smaller. It is very important to make sure your living space is well ventilated. As much time as possible should be spent outdoors, preferably in nature during sun hours.


Modern time man’s life is breaking at the seams. Stress and overload have become a constant and something considered normal and contribute to early aging and disease. It is essential to dedicate time on a daily basis to one of the forms of relaxation: meditation, prayer, autogenous training, etc. Relaxation can also be gardening, book reading, playing with children, hobbies, etc. It is important to be aware that every little activity which relieves stress is priceless!


Raw Kitchen Equipment

If you are reading literature about eating raw and follow advice of various raw food gurus you quickly find out that they want to sell you equipment that you will supposedly need. Some years ago when I began seriously flirting with raw food, I was convinced that such equipment serves more the sellers in the form of profits. However I soon found out it is not always the case.
It is hard to expect that in the beginning you can be satisfied only with some raw fruit and a big salad. Of course mono meals are most recommended in the raw food world and most healthy also from the food combining point of view. Still, most people eating predominantly raw food begin with the so called transition food, processed somewhat, but still raw. Such food (crackers, burgers, etc.) is richer and more similar to cooked food.

I recommend the following kitchen equipment:

A quality blender is indispensable when making mushy juices, the so called smoothies. Various fruit smoothies are being around for some time, lately very healthy green smothies made of green leafy vegetables which are becoming very popular. Green leafy vegetables are normally not consumed enough, however it is very important for our health. The blender needs to be strong enough to blend vegetables into a smooth juice. There are plenty blenders in various price ranges on the market. I suggest you don’t choose among the cheapest products as such a purchase may be regretted very soon.


Juicer is needed for preparation of clear fruit and vegetables juices that can substantially contribute to health and well being. I enjoy these juices during fasting and when feeling bad or ill, when it is better to avoid other food in order to enable the body to rest. There are numerous juicers of various prices on the market. It is important to know for what will the juicer be used. If you intend to juice green leafy vegetables, the usual centrifugal juicer is not suitable. In such cases a mill-triturator-hidravlic press juicer is needed. Again decide for what it will be used before buying.

Dehydrator is used for drying fruits, vegetables and various raw foods such as crackers, burgers, etc. I believe it to be indispensible in the raw kitchen as it contributes to raw food variety. When buying pay attention to its size and power consumption. I recommend the horizontal air flow type, the food dries more evenly and you don’t have to move trays while drying.

Electric citrus squeezer
Many may think why do you need such a device. It’s true, it is not necessary. However, it is much easier to squeeze ten oranges with electric one that using your hands. You also save time and the efficiency is greater.

Grinder is almost indispensible for grinding seeds and nuts. Sometimes it comes as an accessory with blender. If buying separately, pay attention to its power and ease of cleaning.

Food Processor
Food processor comes handy when making crackers, burgers, raw cakes, sauces, dressings, etc. Pay attention to the model’s size and power.

I believe a sprouter should be present in every household. With a sprouter you in effect have a garden on your kitchen top during the whole year and get the vitamin bombs – sprouts whenever you desire. Sprouters are very cheap so more people should prepare their sprouts at home.

Some raw food proponents are very fond of ceramic knives which can be bought in any well stocked store..

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